Green background with a racket and a padel ball and the text Top Padel Sports Club
Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world – and not just because the ball comes bouncing back to you. We believe, there are 3 reasons why: it is simple, social and fun. There are no complex rules, there are double the number of people on court than most standard sports and, simply put, it is fun!
Now, believe it or not, the idea for Top Padel Sports Club actually came to the founders on a padel court. And they built the club on the same three principles:
  • Simple
    Emphasising on the ease of the game by making it available to players of all ages and skill levels,
    with or without training.
  • Social
    Building a community where players can meet different people and make new friends
    while playing a great sport.
  • Fun
    Having an amazing time with friends, family or even strangers!
With our state-of-the-art outdoor courts that are well-lit, well-maintained and match international standards, we provide our community with the best quality equipment and customer service. Located on the ground of Durham School, in the neighbourhood of Green Community, the courts are easily accessible with ample parking space, on-hand refreshments and padel equipment for rent.

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Our mission, and the biggest motivation behind tying up with schools, is to introduce the future generation of sportspeople to this fastest-growing sport. A sport like padel helps develop motor skills and improves their coordination and loss. The social nature of the game instils qualities of teamwork and social prowess as they meet and play with new people. And lastly, padel teaches young kids to be committed and disciplined, to set a competitive objective and learn to accomplish it with perseverance, to accept loss and achieve sportsmanship. They learn all of this in a fun and healthy environment.
Hence, we offer regular coaching sessions and summer camps for kids of all ages. Our coaches have years of experience playing and teaching padel for years. We strive to provide our little beginners with the highest-possible quality of instruction and guidance to help them succeed.
At Top Padel, we believe in the intrinsic value of sport in one's life and how revolutionary that habit can be for one's physical and mental health. We hope to build a community of sportspeople who believe the same and can help each other grow and thrive!